Search Engine Usage November 2013

We’re entering the colder months of the year, and most people don’t want to leave their warm, comfy homes and, with that in mind, there’s always a huge increase in online shopping and searches. So, on that note, let’s have a look into last month’s search engine usage.
We’ll begin with a worldwide overview of the most popular search engines and their usage.
Search Engine Usage Worldwide
There’s no question about it. Google is still a clear leader, and despite falling figures at the end of October, this month they are displaying a slight increase in their share, rising to 87.95%. Will they ever be able to get back over the 90% mark?
And it seems Bing, once destined to be Google’s greatest adversary, is gradually being frozen out of the competition as they slowly drop to 3.85%, displaying a waning percentage since their boost in September. Yahoo! is also hot on Bing’s trail after rising steadily to 3.28% in the same timescale.
From our last report, Google has also started to fight back against their waning dominance in the USA with their share rising slightly from 77.97% to 79.63%, whilst Bing has dropped from 12.5% to 10.61%.
The world’s biggest search engine is still settling for third place in China though, with a share of 7.44%, and Soguo Search isn’t sitting too far behind at 4.51%. It will be interesting to see if Google will be relegated to fourth place, or if they can, indeed, pull it back. In the meantime 360 Search have doubled their share, making it even harder for Google to push for second and first place.
Although, it seems Google is performing better in another country where they’ve failed to snag the top spot. Google has steadily been catching up to the local leading search engine, Naver, in South Korea. They are now only 4.10% behind from taking first position.
Search Engine Usage South Korea
It will be interesting to watch and see if Google’s dominance does increase in these two, largely populated, countries.
As we move into the New Year, we’ll definitely keep our eye on how search engine usage changes, and whether Google will eventually take the top spot in every country and gain overall search domination. But it does beg the question; will anyone else be able to take them on?
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Source: StatCounter

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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