Search Engine Usage September 2013

The weather is starting to get noticeably colder and we’ve just about waved goodbye to summer. Is it September already? Time for another look into search engine usage over the last month…
As always, let’s start with a snapshot of the most used search engines, and whether there has been any real movement from last month.
Worldwide Search Engine Usage September
This month’s stats show no real change from last month’s, with Google still fluctuating around the 90% of total usage mark. Both Bing and Yahoo have grown ever so slightly from last month; the former finding itself over the 4% mark worldwide.
Last month we found Google had less dominance in the USA when compared with other countries, and this has continued to be the case in September. Google’s US share has dropped a little from 80.50% to 77.97%, paving the way for Bing to continue its promising growth; now accounting for 12.15% of all US-related searches.

Bing Usage by Continent

Bing has grown a fair bit in the last year or so, particularly in the USA where it claims its highest share of search engine usage. This helps give North America as a whole the highest proportion of searches through Bing, with the next highest continent (Oceania) using Bing less than half as much.
Moving on to mobile search, Google remains dominant, as it has always been, with Yahoo the next best search engine with just a 4% share of worldwide usage. It is quite surprising that Bing hasn’t shown much growth, particularly as not too long ago Apple announced that Bing would be the default search engine used by Siri on iOS 7. If voice search really starts to grow we might see an increase in Bing usage on mobile devices, however at the moment few have taken to using it on a regular basis.

Mobile Search Usage

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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search