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The constantly shifting world of SEO has seen a lot of change in recent months, particularly with Google’s new algorithm updates like Penguin 2.0 keeping us on our toes.
Stats show that while Google is clearly top dog for search engine use worldwide, over the last 12 months its dominance has dropped ever so slightly from 92.04% of total searches to 90.35%. Yahoo has also fallen by a small margin, from 3.26% to 2.87%, paving the way for a rise in Bing’s share of searches from 3.27% to 3.7%. It will be interesting to see whether Bing continues to grow in usage as 2013 develops.

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Search Engine Usage Europe (left) vs. North America (right)

What’s also interesting is the spread of search engine usage across different parts of the world. Results show that Google’s influence isn’t quite as strong in North America as Europe, with their share of total usage at 82.13%, as opposed to 93.64% in Europe. In fact in the USA the May 2013 figures showed that Google’s share dropped as low as 78.72%, with Bing making its way into double figures at 11.27%!
GLoabl Search Engine Usage
Judging by the global stats for this month (June 2013), Google’s global dominance is clear to see. However Baidu remains the number 1 search engine in China, so the world’s biggest search engine will have to settle for second spot there.
We’ll be sure to keep tabs on how search engine usage changes over the coming months and it’ll be interesting to see whether Bing gains any more ground on Google by the end of the year, particularly in the USA where it has already broken the 10% mark.
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Source: StatCounter

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search