Search should still be the backbone of any successful digital campaign

Search (SEO & PPC) was the first and still is the most effective way of driving traffic to your website. It’s easy to forget this and with the range of complex levels of digital advertising available, understanding the priority of which method should be utilised first is key to success.
Is your website is ready?
Of course your website needs to be ready for search first so don’t waste money sending traffic to a website that won’t convert. However, if you are confident it is up to the task (and have the stats to prove it) then keep search on throughout your campaign and be ready to increase spend if you manage to increase demand.
Search is the clearest & most obvious indication
Let’s face it, if someone is searching they are making the clearest and most obvious indication that they are interested in that particular product or service. What led them to search in the first place is of course influenced by what they have been exposed to in the lead up to the search but don’t let that influence your decision to advertise on search engines for those ready to search.
Predicting when a potential customer is ready to search and engage with your business is a tricky task and although there will be patterns it is never going to be possible to predict it exactly.
Choosing the best keywords for your campaigns is all about research but don’t be afraid to try things and then gauge the results. Some of the best converting terms we have discovered have been trials and finding a diamond can really drive down the CPA.
Search needs to be a mainstay of your campaign so that when your potential customers are ready to search, they find you – regardless of your other efforts to look for you in the first place.
The answer to this is always both. Each method of course has completely different requirements but the net result of each method should be an increase in relevant traffic to your website. PPC is instant and SEO takes time to get right, but both play an important part in making sure your customers find you. I would nearly always recommend running both methods side-by-side, unless you have just a few short-term goals – then maybe just use PPC.
What about Re-marketing?
Remarketing is fast becoming a “no-brainer” for me. It’s a great way to encourage those who have searched for and found you to come back and re-interact with your website.
Make sure the messaging and creative is spot on and make sure you are sending them back to a relevant place on your website (based on the page they initially interacted with) so they have the maximum chance of turning into a customer.
Now what?
If you have your search campaigns running well and your website is converting, your job can turn to the much more complicated task of increasing demand and making your brand stand out above everyone else.
If you haven’t already then it’s time to come and see us… But don’t switch off search!
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Written by Oli Yeates


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