SEO is alive! And more important than ever.

Firstly we provide both SEO and Social Media services to our clients and I have no reason to want to protect SEO over Social Media but the stats just do not stack up!
The truth is, search queries are continuing to rise every day and yes social media is becoming a more important part of any company’s marketing strategy, but to suggest one replaces the other is just ridiculously simplistic.
Social Media can influence a search query but not replace it. A search query on a search engine is often done at a very specific and key part of the consumer buying cycle – when they want it! Social Media may have influenced you to look in the first place, as could a magazine article, a TV advert or a recommendation.
Stimulating a search is a very complex and multi-layered process and surely the ultimate sin would be to not be found when that search is made? So let’s get our priorities right!
There is also a misconception in the article that there is only a certain amount of traffic to go around and therefore if people are spending more time doing something else (Social Media) that it replaces activity on another medium (Search). As Martin Macdonald says “this psuedo-scientific-assumption that there is only a certain amount of internet traffic to go round.  People spend more time online every year, consume more information every year, and are crucially connected by far more devices than they were a decade ago.”
SEO is an unpopular subject with companies, particularly those who have had their hands burnt by poor “SEO agencies” that do little to optimise their websites after signing a lengthy contract, who then fail to deliver the results. Some of the older SEO techniques were also unpopular as they were often ugly and ignored usability. But so much of this is now unnecessary and a modern SEO strategy is much more complex process with far less emphasis on the repetition of keywords etc.  Social Media can also be a part of the SEO process but unfortunately, search rankings matter when people are ready to buy.
Rant over, but please The Guardian do some proper research! And SEO will not be missed because it isn’t going anywhere!

Written by Oli Yeates


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