Service Spotlight: Blogging

“Your business needs a blog if you want to get anywhere!” – Everyone Ever, 2016
You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before but it’s very true.
From small local shops to big name brands, most businesses will have a blog on their website. But whether they keep it up to date or not is a different story (they obviously need some Clicky love). But, we know you’re thinking, if everyone has a blog then surely it’s not worth pursuing. What difference will it make to my business?
In short – a lot.
In detail? Read more below…


‘Blog’ derives from the word ‘weblog’ which in turn comes from ‘web log’ – so it’s a portmanteau which is mainly reserved for celebrity couples (Brangelina, anyone?). Way back in 1994, Justin Hall, a student at Swarthmore College started keeping an online journal – one of the earliest forms of blogging as we know it. Amazingly, Justin’s blog is still available to read today…and he updates it regularly!


Blogs became mainstream in 2004 when people such as politicians would blog in order to bond with constituents and celebrities would blog to reach out to fans. That’s exactly what blogging is – a platform to outreach to your audience.  
Blogging gives you a voice. Even though the content on your homepage, category pages and about us page may be on point with a brilliant tone of voice…they’re ultimately static pages. A blog is forever changing and contains seasonal and evergreen content. It’s another lifeline to target keywords your audience are searching for. A blog that’s regularly updated this will fuel all those search engine crawlers looking for relevant content.
Technical reasons aside, blog posts can provide exceptional customer service when done right. Not only are you keeping your audience updated with discounts, offers, freebies and competitions, you’re equipping them with enough information to help them in their buying journey and making that all-important buying decision. Blogging is essentially a hub for most of your content marketing strategy. You can use the blogs as content for your e-newsletter, social media posts, PR and so much more.
Using PR and outreach in your blogging endeavours can be a powerful tool. Just take a look at these two examples of how we introduced outreach to our client’s blogs:
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 15.56.01
This outreach blog created for Tabor brought the Warwick House venue homepage over 1,500 new views during the month it was published. It showcased the talents of 10 local photographers, with each one sharing the blog on social media.
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 16.01.19
We have just launched a new outreach campaign called ‘Influential Interiors’ which is a combination of PR, blogging and link building. Here, in a blog for our client Apropos, we interviewed the founder of Bio Fires. The company will share a link to our blog on their blog, boosting the SEO of both Bio Fires and Apropos – while strengthening domain authority and backlink quality. The series is due to include well established interior designer Aneeqa Khan, Fabrice Bana and Anya Fennet!


How does a blog help grow your business? It’s a long-term process but so unbelievably worth it in the long run. Here’s how:

  • Drives visitors from your target market to your website
  • Creates a community loyal to your brand (repeat business!)
  • Provides fodder for everything from email newsletters to bigger content pieces.
  • Helps demonstrate to you audience you’re in the know with the latest industry trends, and that you actually know what you’re talking about (i.e. you’re an influencer)
  • Tracks all sorts about your audience including what time they’re most likely to be visiting your website, which keywords they’re searching for that are related to your brand,
  • Humanises your brand – with a blog you’re more than just a company, you get to show your human side such as company parties, charity events, etc.

Talk to our content specialist today to find out how we can help with your content campaign.

Written by Shannon May