Service Spotlight: Creative Content Pieces

In a world where content marketing generates triple the amount of leads compared to regular outbound marketing, it comes as no surprise that the most successful brands are fast becoming publishers and storytellers through using creative content.
Creative content or ‘big content’ means a piece of content that attempts to capture a wide portion of a target audience. This could include a microsite, an interactive quiz, a tool, resource or even an April Fool’s joke (this blog’s header photo was from our Yappy Days creative content piece for Darwin Escapes!).
Providing an immersive and interactive experience for your audience means you’re providing them with something entertaining or educational, or even perhaps useful to their lives.
We love nothing more than to get stuck into a big content piece for a client – from the initial ideas generation sessions, to reporting all the stats to ensure we meet the client’s goals. The focus of big content is often to boost brand awareness, ultimately leading to increased visits to your website, strengthened brand reputation and the Holy Grail of customer loyalty and repeat business.
Here’s a taste of what our content and outreach team get up to at Clicky:

Tabor #LoveEquals Campaign – Inspiring and Supporting

What is it?
To celebrate the second anniversary of the legalisation of same sex marriage in England and Wales on 29th March 2016, we designed a microsite for wedding venue specialist The Tabor Group in collaboration with Stonewall.
The #LoveEquals microsite featured a timeline of LGBT rights event over the previous two years since the same-sex marriage bill was passed, a world map of LGBT rights and restrictions, a fundraising section, as well as a panel of extremely influential people.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 14.11.24


  • Gain brand exposure through high profile media outlets in the LGBT community
  • Promote brand awareness for same-sex couples wishing to get married
  • Demonstrate support and solidarity via fundraising

How did we do it?
A lot of content research, content writing and outreach! In the end we worked in conjunction with a whole host of awesome people including actress Rebecca Root (The Danish Girl and the BBC’s Boy Meets Girl), Diva Magazine Assistant Editor Carrie J. Lyle, Mike Buonaiuto from Shape History and more. We interviewed each participant and featured it on the microsite. Then we asked them (really nicely!) to share the site on their social media channels. We also contacted prestigious media outlets, companies and bloggers to help us promote the creative content piece. This included, Gay Star News, Northern Pride and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

  • Facebook: 92,295 people reached
  • Instagram: 96,763 people reached
  • Fundraising: 37 unique donations (not including returning users!)

Dayinsure ‘How NOT to Fail Your Driving Test’ – Informing and converting

What is it?
Dayinsure, a temporary car insurance provider, wanted us to create a big branded content piece targeted at the 17 – 24 year old learner driver market. We created How NOT to Fail Your Driving Test, an informative, colourful content piece containing interviews with four driving instructors representing RED Driving School, JSF Driving, Birkenhead Driving School and GoLearn2Drive. Each instructor answered questions about how to increase your chances of passing your driving test, with RED Driving School even providing additional content on their own top tips.

dayinsure yay


  • Increase brand trust and credibility
  • Build audience and reach
  • Covert the right customers

How did we do it?
We outreached to a big list influential driving instructors or driving schools and asked them questions all about driving test tips such as “What are the most common reasons why people fail their driving test?” The instructors sent back their answers and we included them within the content piece. After our awesome design team had finished making it look great, we sent it to the instructors and asked if they would post all about it on their social channels. All of them shared the content piece, which gave us a massive organic boost in terms of impressions, interactions and clicks. All instructors involved posted it on both Twitter and Facebook several times. We also used Facebook boosted posts and Twitter Ads to increase the reach further.

  • Twitter
    • 146,000 impressions
    • 86 conversions
    • 6.1% organic engagement within the first three days of launch
  • Facebook
    • 80K reach
    • 1,599 post clicks
    • Page likes up by 36% in 28 days

If you like what you see and want to start building an amazing story for your brand please get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

Written by Shannon May