Service Spotlight: Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are often overlooked when creating new AdWord campaigns. Fact is, negative keywords can really help you save budget for the best quality searches.

Negative Keywords: The Dark Side of AdWords?

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of PPC, from beginner level to seasoned PPC veteran, it’s likely that you’ve given a great deal of thought to the keywords your customers will search for (not to mention that holiday home in the sun you’ve been dreaming about). More specifically, time spent thinking about the keywords that will result in the most clicks to supercharge your conversion rate.
However, it’s fairly uncommon for companies to dedicate the same amount of time and resources into building a negative keyword list. But if you are looking to maximise the return on investment of your AdWords campaign (and who isn’t?), you should be tailoring your negative keywords list!

Regain control over your PPC campaign by adding negative keywords to stop showing ads to the wrong people.

So what is a negative keyword?

A negative keyword is used in a similar fashion to a keyword you bid on to acquire customers, with one key difference. It tells Google that you don’t want your ad to show for the specified negative keyword. Preventing your ads from being triggered saves you money and increases your click through rate. Simple as!
For example, let’s say you are setting up an online home & living store and want to launch your first AdWords campaign. You want to show up on Google searches for wine or water glasses, so you bid on the keyword glasses (simple right?). However a searcher types in glasses looking for a pair of reading glasses, and your ad for wine glasses shows up alongside a Specsavers one, leading the searcher to accidentally click on your ad with no intention of purchasing your beloved wine glasses. This then wastes precious campaign budget, chipping away into that holiday home in the sun fund.

Learn to harness the power of negative keywords at campaign and adgroup level to improve the quality of your leads and reduce wasted spend on unqualified prospects.

Negative keywords set at campaign level means your ads will never be shown for these keywords, and at adgroup level, your ads won’t show for these negatives in this particular group. This helps you to chisel away unwanted traffic and takes you another step closer to a top performing account.

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You can manage negatives from ad group and campaign level in your adwords account.

To summarise, utilising the best performing keywords for your campaign is only half the battle. A significant part of this relies on having a robust negative keywords list in place that is continuously refined based on campaign data.

Written by Rich Martin

Head of PPC

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