Social Media World Gets Ready to Kick Off

The first few matches are now underway with some anticipated outcomes and a few surprises.
So what’s the best way to keep in the loop? Social media is already a huge force in football with many teams and competitions having followers in their thousands (or sometimes even millions!).
The key aim for each social media presence is to ensure that their followers can find out everything they need to within their own platform.
Facebook has prepared for the Word Cup with the ‘Trending World Cup’ page. Here fans can catch up on the latest goals, matches and stories, all within Facebook.
The page includes a countdown to the next match and suggestions on which additional pages and teams you may be interested in following. You can also view the ‘Fan Map’ that cleverly shows the popularity of a number of key players across the world.
It is also possible to post your own thoughts with a World Cup themed post. Facebook is encouraging people to ‘Say something about #worldcup..’ along with posting their own photos and videos.
The page already has a wide variety of posts, including match updates, photos of stadiums and even a video to help those new to the sport to understand the basics.
Twitter has also been busy ensuring that followers can find and share all of their football news on the Twitter platform.
Below the usual trending topics, Tweeters will now also be able to see an update on the final score for the last two matches and the kick-off time for the next two.
Each match has also been given its own page; upon clicking ‘view match’, Tweeters will be transported to this page, which includes a scoreboard and an up-to-date Twitter feed on the match.
The various football teams now have a huge following; here’s a small selection:

There’s no doubt that social media will be a key part of many fans journey through the World Cup. Whether Facebook, Twitter or another social network will be their source, only time will tell. If you’re looking for an effective social media strategy for your digital marketing campaign during the World Cup, the contact our social media experts today.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search