Some Adwords Stats!

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Today, the numbers associated with Google Adwords are nothing short of astonishing. Google relies on Adwords so heavily, evident in the fact that 97% of their revenues come from it. Between Q3 2010 and Q2 2011, Google raked in $32.2 billion dollars in advertising revenue!
Certain keywords can be extremely competitive and therefore command outrageously high Cost per Click’s, for example the most expensive keyword is “insurance” with an average Cost per Click of $55, followed by “mortgage” and “attorney” with average Cost per Click’s of $47. These high prices go some way to explain the statistic that the Finance/Insurance industry spent $4 billion on Adwords in 2011
In USA, advertisers are able target users by Congressional district. This can obviously be a massive source of revenue for Google due to the mammoth political campaign budgets in play for some races.
However, all this advertising revenue isn’t exactly spread throughout all advertisers, studies show that only a tiny 1.35% of Adwords USA advertisers make up 80% of Adwords USA revenue. One example of this is online retailing giant Amazon, who spent an estimated $55.2 million on Adwords during 2011.
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search