Speak the Language of Love this Valentine's Day

“My love life is like a piece of Swiss cheese. Most of it’s missing, and what’s there stinks.” — Joan Rivers

Akin to Joan Rivers, many content strategies and campaigns are missing crucial ideas and inspiration, and what aspects are there, aren’t necessarily helpful for your brand and business.
Content and content marketing are in vogue within the digital marketing world, and the ideal content strategy involves blogging, visual content, interactive content and a whole load of user engagement and interaction.
Developing your blog will give your brand a voice and a platform to shout from. It becomes the heart-beat of your website and acts as a creative outlet that feeds life into your company, and makes you appear alive to the rest of the world.
It also helps to build brand awareness and trust, improves the authority of your site in the eyes of the search engines, and engages you with your target audience.
2014 revolves around consumers wanting to know more. They want to know what your brand is about, the things you stand for, and the people behind the perception.
The best kinds of relationships work on love, trust, and compromise. You have to ask yourself how much passion has gone into your content and whether this will infuse your audience with the same amount of love.
Your content must be trustworthy. Plagiarising, stealing ideas and incorrectly citing your sources can all add up to a bad relationship.
And don’t forget the third wheel in this relationship: Google. This cruel mistress has to be satiated too, ensuring that you and your content aren’t cheating with keyword stuffing, thin and loose quality, and duplicates.
You have to compromise. This doesn’t mean your content can’t be a reflection of you; that’s exactly what it should be. It simply means you must fit your content to your audience, worshipping to their every whim.
Compromise is especially important when thinking about web copywriting. Your content must complement your website, working in harmony together, making music, cooking it a nice meal and introducing it to your mother.
Love Cakes
In the digital marketing space, websites and content are a match-made in heaven. Beautiful websites need intelligent content. Likewise, there’s no point having fantastically written content combined with an unattractive website.
Web copywriting is all about being fit-for-purpose; you’re trying to persuade your audience that they need your product / service and the only way to do this is through extensive and appropriate research.
Check out our #LoveContent services and make us your special someone this Valentine’s day.
Featured image courtesy of Pinterest.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search