Squared Spear

Firstly, it is that you must always look at the wider picture. When I was asked to complete a PPC audit for a prospective client, I did exactly that. Now I am looking at far more areas beyond AdWords or Bing Ads when reviewing a client’s account, taking insight from other platforms, such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, to create a more extensive, effective strategy.
Squared has also taught me to be more patient. During the course I have frequently been in groups and hangouts where I either knew the most, or the least, about a subject and whilst in these discussions I have become more adept at taking things on board, becoming more clear and concise when explaining something to a fellow group member.
Finally, I learned to be more vocal with ideas – no matter how farfetched – within a group. During the different projects that we worked on, some of the best ideas came from someone piping up with ‘hey, what if we…’, or ‘I like this, but imagine if we…’. Groups are there to develop ideas beyond the thinking of an individual. Some of the most innovative organisations, including Google themselves, have a whole company (Google X) dedicated to developing impossible ideas. Without this promotion of creativity and invention, we wouldn’t have products such as Google Glass and self-driving cars coming to market!
If you are looking for a more complete overview of your digital strategy, then Squared could be for you. Or, why not get in touch today and find out what our team could do for you.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search