"The best design is the simplest one that works"

We try to keep this simple concept in mind for everything we design.  Most of our clients are not just having a website designed by us, we usually have a planned digital marketing strategy as part of our service and we need to make sure that the websites we produce are going to work, not just look good.
Look at the biggest, most successful online businesses, so many of them seem to have kept this very simple theory in mind when designing their websites. Here are some examples…
Google do it very well. Their home page is still a simple and uncluttered page with a very clear and simple search bar and all other links are carefully placed to ensure their main function is not distorted.  They have avoided the temptation for ads (unlike many other search engines) on their home page and when they do display advertising in their search results, they have purposely made sure they are not obtrusive.  Google also seem to keep things simple when they produce all of their other products and services.  Take a look at the Google Chrome website or their Analytics website – all very simple and no clutter.
Remember the original MySpace? It was so customisable that you could (and most did) make it look terrible and therefore destroyed the usability.  Facebook came along, took the same concept (social network) and made it clean and easy to use. And it worked!  Take a look at just how Facebook took over here. The new MySpace is awesome by the way but I fear it may be all a little too late.
Apple are probably the ultimate example. They do it in everything they do and their website is clean and simple too.  Despite having hundreds of different products and services, they keep their website simple so everyone can find their way to the area they want to look at without confusing the user.  They are quite literally the masters of this concept.

Written by Oli Yeates


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