The British Transport Police Authority Policing Plans are now live

We announced earlier this year that the British Transport Police Authority had chosen Clicky to design their policing plan publication’s for 2015.
We’re delighted to tell you that the BTPA’s policing plans are now live on their website, and you can take a look at them for yourselves here
BTPA Blog Pic
Here’s what the The British Transport Police Authority had to say about the publications Clicky created:
“Clicky Media did a great job designing the annual plans we set for the British Transport Police.They produced designs that would pique the interest of our broad target audience and incorporated digital engagement to ensure they worked even harder for us.

We are really pleased with the final product. Instead of just having a great looking document; we now have a well-designed tool that we are using to engage with our customers – which is essential as we seek to strengthen our brand identity and relationships with our stakeholders.”

Written by Shannon May