The Future of Search Whitepaper

Monday, August 7, 2023


Written by

Agency Director

The death of the keyword.

…is the latest discussion topic in our industry which seems to have an obsession with the morbidity of things online. Whilst an interesting thesis, it is just the most recent in a long line of repetitive discussions around the demise of search and beyond.

The end of SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Tracking, and even the Internet itself have all been consistently cited with an expiration date since their inception.

Surely as with most aspects of life, and indeed pretty much everything ever on the internet, things just evolve to suit human needs and behaviours and naturally develop through generations.

Removing nostalgia from the equation, often the latest version is an improvement on its predecessor, we just need to understand what the future brings and what it means.

The future of search is just evolution, or is it?

In our latest comprehensive whitepaper report, we explore four key trends from our research:

  1. The Evolutions of SERPs

  2. The Increasing Impact of AI

  3. Search Beyond Search

  4. A Changing Measurement Landscape

We've provided context and insight behind new and impending changes with input from our team of SEO, Content, Paid Search & Social experts. 

To help you navigate what's to come, you'll find useful practical advice on what you can do with your strategy to maximise the benefit you gain from the changing search landscape, with actionable insights.

You can access the full pdf here.