The huge growth of "Near me" searches

People are not using Google in the same way they did before. Search terms are getting more and more conversational as search engines get better at understanding the huge range of ways we ask for information.
One of the biggest growth areas has been “near me” search phrases. The data below shows the search volume for phrases that include the words “near me” over time. (data from Google Trends)

So why the big rise?
There are two main drivers in this change in search behaviour – the rise of the smartphone and the incredible intelligence of the Google search engine algorithm.
So which countries are driving the change in search behaviour?

As you can see the western world (the biggest smartphone users & most internet connected people on the planet) are driving this change in behaviour and it is only time until the rest of the world change too.
What about the types of near me searches?
As you can see food is the biggest driver! followed by retail and corporation searches.
The biggest challenge for brands is how to respond to this change in search behaviour to ensure your business is found when users are looking – it just wont cut it anymore to rank for one or two keywords that have served you so well in the past – time to think about moment marketing.
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Written by Oli Yeates


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