The importance of branding

Branding is much more than what your company logo looks like. It’s how you present yourself to your audience, and encompasses everything from your website to your company’s tone of voice.

What is a brand identity?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, big or small. It is so much more than just a logo or graphical element. Your brand is essentially the way your customers perceive you, your promise to them, and what they should expect from your product or service. Brands are defined by individuals and not companies.
Your brand identity represents your entire customer experience, covering everything from your logo, website, social media presence, to the way your staff interact with your customers.
A strong and professional brand identity can build credibility and trust, it can help the audience differentiate you from competitors, and gives you a greater opportunity of gaining sales. Most people will tend to base their buying choices on trust.

Your Logo

Your logo is the central identifiable visual element of your brand. It should be memorable and give people the desired impression of your brand. Your logo acts as the face of your brand, it will be used on products, your website and in advertising. Some of the most successful logos allow people to instantly connect with them, without seeing the company’s name. For example, the sports brand with a “swoosh” or the golden arches of a fast food chain.

Your brand voice

Your brand voice isn’t about what you say, but how you say it. It’s your brand personality and values. Your tone of voice needs to reflect trust, be familiar to your target audience and be consistent across all mediums.
For instance, Aldi have a different tone of voice and brand ethos’ to Waitrose, simply because they’re targeting different audiences.

Brand Identity in a digital world

In this digital world more people have access to your brand, and with the presence of social media people can talk about your brand. These online conversations can also shape you brand, which is why it’s important that you have a strong brand to start with.

“Brands are what people say about you when you’re not in the room, and that room has gotten extremely big and extremely digital.” John Battelle, Founder and Executive Chairman, Federated Media Publishing.


On average, established companies will change aspects of their brand identity once every seven to ten years. This can include restyling and modernisation of logos, colour schemes, fonts, language, photographic style, and occasionally the brand name. It’s very rare for a brand to completely change their identity but certain tweaks help to keep your brand looking fresh and up to date.


The CBBC channel had a huge re-brand recently

If you think it’s time for a brand re-fresh, or if you’re a start-up starting from scratch, our expert team of digital designers and marketers have years of experience designing and perfecting all branding elements. From advising on best tone of voice, to designing a website.
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Written by Hayley Sackett

Lead Digital Designer