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The importance of responsive brands and logos

February 26, 2019 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Hayley Sackett

We all know the importance of having a responsive website, with almost 50% of internet users interacting online using their mobiles.

Did you know it is just as important to have a logo and brand that translates well across all channels, as well as your brand having the capability to adapt and change in the ever-changing digital landscape? Users should feel the same about your brand whether they are on a desktop computer, mobile device or looking at a poster on a bus stand in the street.

Logos can respond by changing in size, complexity and occasionally colour. Responsive logos maintain your image across every channel, allowing your brand identity to scale and adapt wherever you encounter your audience. Companies need to think of how their main “full” logo will look when scaled down on a mobile device, this could result in the logo becoming a basic brand mark.

This site illustrates how logos adapt effectively to the size of the space they’re in

Recently you may have noticed that Mastercard decided to drop their name from the company logo retaining just the intersecting yellow and red circles. In a press release, they stated that they decided to change their logo, in order for the logo to work “seamlessly across the digital landscape.” After months of rigorous testing, Mastercard decided that the two circles were strong enough on their own, as individuals could still associate these with Mastercard brand, since “we live in a time where, increasingly, we communicate not through words but through icons and symbols.”

Branding is so much more than just your logo, it’s the way you present yourself to your audience and the experiences you provide them with. We always say it’s important for your brand to be consistent but in today’s ever-changing marketplace should we be creating brands that are more flexible and allow you to appeal to a wide range of audiences and situations whilst still staying true to your brand values? Gone are the days where we only had to stick to a couple of forms of marketing. Today, brands have a vast array of ways they can interact with their audience. The way you present yourself on one marketing platform may differ to another, for example, the way you present yourself on Instagram will probably differ from LinkedIn, taking this into consideration will increase variety and creativity and ultimately get your brand noticed.

We recommend regularly evaluating and reviewing your brand throughout the year. Ask yourself:

If you feel it’s time for a brand refresh or you want to change how you market your brand

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