The most searched for players at the World cup

There is no denying there has been some fantastic talent on-show at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The big question is who is the world most interested in?
The data below shows the search volume data available from Google Trends for the 4 biggest names:
The search volume certainly suggests the world is most interested in Ronaldo of Portugal – unlikely to win the tournament but indicative of the amazing season Ronaldo has had at Real Madrid – and tonight is the first time we get to see Portugal play vs Germany.
Neymar is ahead of Messi who is likely to be stirring up a significant amount of interest because he’s playing for the host nation and had a great first performance against Croatia.
Messi comes in at 3rd (a little unfairly in our eyes!) Surely the best player in the tournament, but obviously less popular with searchers. I am sure the interest will build as Argentina continue to march on in the tournament.
Finally, the incredible Suarez who may rise in the chart when he faces England on Thursday – gulp.

Written by Oli Yeates


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