The Pinterest Etiquette

Below are some simple steps and tips on how to set up your very own personal or business Pinterest profile:
Before you sign up and begin ‘pinning’, it is essential to outline your overall goals and KPI’s for investing within the platform. Be it to build brand awareness, interact with your key target market, grow your business audience etc.
Let’s get started!
Firstly sign up to the platform, be it a personal profile ( or a business (
Rpofile blog
Brand and personalise your profile with eye-catching profile imagery. You will also need to verify your website url to show you are a trustworthy source.
Create Boards
To build your Pinterest profile you will need to create ‘boards’ that showcase your brand and the services or products you offer.
pinterest boards
Try to ensure each ‘board’ is appropriately named or has an applicable description, so people specifically searching for items will find your ‘pins’ or boards.
Don’t forget, a person won’t necessarily ‘Follow’ every one of your boards; they will follow the boards most relevant to their interest.
Get Visual
We would strongly suggest having a bank of high quality images, that are at least 600 pixels wide, on hand to build your boards. It’s also worth bearing in mind that images as small as 100 x 200 pixels are ‘pinnable’.
pinterest imagery
Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your website, so customers can ‘Pin’ directly to their ‘bard’ from your site.
Begin ‘Pinning’
Try and ‘pin’ at least once a day – and remember to link your pins back to the right place to ensure more referral traffic to your profile and/or website.
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.36.37
Why not try pinning a handful of pins together? you are then telling the people of Pinterest a story, making your pins more engaging.
Don’t forget, for any ‘pin’ include a thoughtful description; this will make your handy-work more searchable within the platform.
Top Tip: Make use of Pinterest analytics to see which ‘pins’ receive the most interaction.
Make Sure You’re Engaging!
When creating boards and uploading imagery, don’t forget to build your brand and create an engaged audience.
You also need to ensure you’re an active ‘pinner’ yourself – by searching for pins and boards that relate to your product or service and re-pinning.
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.37.58
Introduce a ‘Pin it to Win it’ competition – this will increase your followers and allow you to create a ‘buzz’ around the newest social platform you’ve joined!
And finally – don’t forget to add the ‘Pinterest’ and ‘Pin It’ buttons to your website and emails to ensure people know where to find you!
Congratulations – You’re now a fully fledged Pinterest user!
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager