The power of good photography on a website

Obviously your opinions will change as you start to build a relationship with the product or service and you will ultimately make your decision based on a number of factors, however the initial appearance was a key first step in the decision making process (and arguably the most important part).
When it comes to your business’s website, we are even more likely to use this very simple factor to judge your business, due to the fact that it is a silent and entirely visual experience.
And so how important is good photography?
Getting an impression of what it would be like to work with your business is so important. Photography does more to create that impression than anything else. Getting it right is even more important and can be difficult to do.
Many of the clients we work with cringe at the prospect of having a photographer visit their offices. They are concerned that everyone will look the part, the offices will be tidy enough and they question whether they really want everyone getting such a personal glimpse of their business. All this is fair enough but get the balance right and your visitors will really appreciate the effort!
So what’s the key things to consider?
This is entirely based on each customer and their target market, however we find potential customers will like to see some of the following things:

  • Honesty / Friendly – this is really important and again balance it the key.  Don’t try to look too “cheesy” but try to get your photographer to capture some genuine conversations with clients where someone friendly is smiling.  No looking deep into the lens or smiling too hard – we are all very wary of this type of imagery and often it can look so friendly it becomes the complete opposite!  Also avoid using models, real people are much more likely to endear your potential customers.
  • Professionalism – Visitors will want to see imagery of the actual things your business does.  It says everything if you get it right.  So if you make wedding cakes, the perfect shot would be someone concentrating on finishing off the perfect cake in a professional & creative kitchen.  If you are an industrial business, a technically impressive part of the process carried out by a professional looking person will capture the keen eye for detail you need to get across to your clients.
  • Clean / Organised – Again a hard one to achieve if your offices are a little disorganised!  A little bit of tidying would be a good idea to ensure you get across a trusting feeling to the potential customer.

What about stock photography?
Stock photography should be used very carefully.  Yes it is cheaper than shooting your own, but often stock photography can create a distrust of a business, especially when using pictures of people as they get no idea what your actual business looks like and can pose the questions “what are they hiding?!”.  For other uses it can be fine, for example if you needed a picture of a particular scene for a specific page on your website.  Either way just be wary, if you use stock photos, you start to look like everyone else…
So invest in high quality photography!
A full day with a high quality photographer at your business will cost anything from £500+VAT – £3k.  But it could be the best money you’ve spent.  Get it wrong or skimp on the costs and you will put potential customers off working with you all together.  After all if you can’t be bothered to make the right impression, how bothered are you going to be about looking after your customers?
If you need help finding a photographer give us a call and we will happily recommend someone near to you.
All you will need then is a high-quality website to showcase them on…  Oh we can help with that!

Written by Oli Yeates


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