The release of WordPress 3.8, Parker

An exciting new modern look
Moving away from the light grey of old, WordPress has changed its colour scheme completely. Not only that, but the fonts have changed and a whole host of styling changes have taken place, making it look even neater than before.
The responsive editor
Not only has the editor changed its look and improved its usability, it’s now completely responsive. In an era when tablets and smart-phones are routinely used to make changes to websites, this is essential. The entire system now renders nicely on any device, allowing website amendments to be made on the move.
Colour schemes for administrators and editors
Following on from Apple’s decision to offer a selection of colours in their latest iPhone, WordPress has also allowed users to add personality to their profile. A full set of colour schemes is available to choose from in the latest version!
Theme management, refined
An area which needed lightening up has been completely redesigned. The theme management area now allows you to easily view and customise your theme in the editor, without being too overwhelming. You can view a selection of themes that you have installed, then effortlessly select and activate your chosen one.
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Written by Rich Tarr

Senior Front End Developer

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