Top 10 Global Agency Campaigns

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, the team have been creating their top 10’s.
This week, ProSupport Manager Abby is looking back at her favourite global agency campaigns over the last few years. In no particular order, here is her top 10 countdown.

1. This Girl Can

Unmistakably, ‘This Girl Can was one of the best campaigns of 2015. It’s empowering and kick ass – it makes me want to exercise (almost!).

2. Ariel | ‘Share the Load’

I wanted to include this campaign as it’s telling an important story. Unfortunately, inequality at home is still a pervasive issue and this campaign hopes to highlight these issues and encourage a change here. It received a widely positive reaction, even winning an award at Cannes in 2016.

3. Chipotle’s Back to the Start viral video

Although the success of this campaign was not necessarily planned, it reached a huge number of people and has had a real impact. I love the way they created the ad as the simplicity mirrors the message perfectly, telling the truth our modern society needs to hear.

4.  Old Spice | ‘The man your man can smell like’

This campaign made the top 10 for being unconventional, something that P&G don’t often do.

5. ‘Share a Coke’

Although the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign isn’t necessarily one of my favourites, I have to respect an effective campaign like this one. Encouraging engagement and creating something new and surprising from a global brand isn’t easy, so I appreciate the effort.

6. Always | Intimate Words (Leo Burnett Mexico)

I Love this one. It truly shows the power and creativity that advertising can achieve when brands do socially good things.

7. McCann Lima | Real problems

This campaign is one of my favourites because there are real, actionable things off the back of this that can be used as a model for years to come. We need to see more of this from our advertisers.

8. Bisto | ‘Together Project’

The ‘Together Project‘ has been responsible for numerous campaigns, (including Spare Chair Sunday) brought together under one website. This campaign does a great job of linking good food and togetherness to the campaign activity and is tackling an important problem in the UK. It’s rare for an advert to make you truly feel something and even motivate you to help, this campaign has clearly had a huge impact on many people already.

9. Volvo Trucks | ‘epic split’

This campaign is just awesome in its own right. It showcases amazing music and cinematography and visually communicates their idea seamlessly. This ad is miles away from the ‘boring’ perception of Volvo, even for quite a niche product! It really is epic.

10. ‘The Swedish number’ | WPP Stockholm

I like the tSwedish number campaign as they have thought of something really unique. Sweden is known as one of the more forward-thinking countries in the world when it comes to communicating itself. This campaign wanted to show off how friendly the people of Sweden are by letting anyone call Sweden at any time. It’s so quirky and I remember it being talked about a lot, which is always a good sign.

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Written by Abby Gibbs

Head of Client Services