The Top 10 Best Car Adverts

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, the team have been given the task of creating their own Top 10’s. This week, Digital Consultant, Dan Phoenix shares his favourite car adverts over the years!

10 car adverts that evoke emotion, fun and fascination.

If you’re a car fanatic like myself, you’ll appreciate the unrelenting endeavours of car brands and their supporting creative agencies to create campaigns that capture the minds and hearts of audiences globally.
The following adverts have been ranked on how influential they are over the car buying process for their target audiences.

10. Volkswagen

Volkswagen always focus their unrivalled combination of providing a great spec of car for a very competitive price. The brand ethic and wide vehicle portfolio makes it accessible to all and not just the boy racers looking for a quick 0-60 time. The advert captures the fun element but also highlights that everyone can enjoy a Volkswagen at any age.
Volkswagen Golf – “Buying a Volkswagen from an old lady…”

9. Vauxhall

The old ones are always the good ones. This Vauxhall advert that aired all the way back in 1987 with Martin Shaw is timeless. It creates a very compelling feeling towards the end with Eric Clapton’s iconic classic, Layla in the background. Who wouldn’t want ownership of a Cavalier after watching this damn cool ad?
Vauxhall Cavalier 1987 – Martin Shaw Advert

8. Volkswagen

Sometimes when animals are used in automotive TV ads, it makes me want to switch off, but this funny little advert that Volkswagen released last year connected with those drivers who struggle with reverse parking. It’s fun spreads and it certainly made an impact with sales as Volkswagen sold 178,333 models in Europe during 2016.
Volkswagen Tiguan – Horses Laugh – 2016

7. Vauxhall

British people are often stereotyped around the world and this ad by Vauxhall is no different. One thing is for sure, it’s seriously clever and very real to how your average neighbours communicate about brand new cars. It highlights the technology and spec of the car whilst communicating the family friendly accessibility which was directly in line with Vauxhall’s target audience.
VAUXHALL Zafira – ‘Little Dads’ Ad

6. Mercedes-Benz

With low monthly car finance deals flooding the market, Mercedes focused their efforts on the millennial audience with this advert. It highlights the tough upbringing of the average teenager with an older brother who gets everything brand new and he has to settle with hand-me-downs. He finally reaches adulthood and treats himself to a lovely metallic blue A Class, not bad.
Approved Used | Mercedes-Benz Cars UK – A Class

5. Volkswagen

Volkswagen keep making my top 10 and they certainly deserve it. This gem of an advert was a fantastic way to showcase their astonishing brand new car prices.
VW Polo – Lamp Post TV Ad

4. McLaren

McLaren captured a special atmosphere within this advert. It’s raw, electric and leaves the storyline to the imagination of the viewer.
The McLaren 675LT

3. BMW

BMW has a rich heritage of performance and reliability. They always push the boundaries of their engineering and keep the interior and exterior design elements to a minimal. This advert highlights the incredible performance on the M5 which BMW previously focused considerable marketing effort on during the 2000’s.
BMW M5 – Landspeed

2. Ram Trucks – Pick Up

Minimal use of video and poetry is a combination that Ram harmonised beautifully. This hits you right in the heartstrings.
Ram Trucks – “Farmer” Long Version

1. Audi

Audi alway focus on emotion throughout their marketing efforts. The R8 ‘Commander’ advert is a masterpiece and rightfully deserves no.1 in our Clicky Top 10. Enjoy.
Audi R8 – “Commander”

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Written by Dan Phoenix

Digital Consultant