Top 10 Clicky Moments

Having recently celebrated our 10th birthday at Chester Zoo, we found we were regularly being asked about our highlights, since the business was launched way back in 2007.
Whilst it would be impossible to name all of the proud moments we have had over the years, alongside the achievements of the business and our fantastic team, we thought we would try and summarise ten key milestones that have shaped Clicky over what has been an exciting decade of continued growth and evolution.
We work in such a fast paced, dynamic environment and indeed industry, that it’s often rare for us to have the chance to reflect on the past, so casting our minds back proved both nostalgic and amusing in equal measures.

It is amazing how easy it is to forget about where the business once was, and how much the digital space has changed. What has always remained consistent, however, has been the retention of our values and ethos, alongside our focus on delivering amazing results, transparency and unrivalled customer service in everything we do.

This has been achieved through another constant in our business; an exceptional, forward-thinking, focused team of genuine and passionate digital experts. The only difference between 2007 and 2017 is that there are more of us! We’re a larger team with greater knowledge and capabilities than ever before.
To set the scene, I thought a good place to start would be to look back to our year of inception, and to paint a picture of the market then to show how much everything has moved on (whilst giving myself a chance to reminisce about being an early twenty-something once again!)
2007 saw Gordon Brown become the new British Prime Minister and the completion of the eagerly-anticipated Wembley Stadium. The month in which we were incorporated, July, was one of the wettest on record, with widespread flooding across the UK.
Rihanna clearly got the memo about the British weather, but in the week that Clicky launched, ‘Umbrella’ was knocked off the top spot after 10 weeks at number 1, overtaken by the grammatically incorrect ‘The Way I Are’ by Timbaland, Keri Hilson and D.O.E.
To add to the damp mood, the country continued to be in the midst of the economic downturn, and after a period of uncertainty the stricken Northern Rock bank had to be nationalised.

Whilst this might not seem like the best time to launch a new business, one industry was blossoming and growing like no other. Our CEO, Oliver Yeates, spotted an opportunity, and the rest, as they say, is history.

UK online advertising spends increased by a notable 38% between 2006 and 2007 to reach £2.8bn, according to research produced by the Internet Advertising Bureau and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Search advertising spends increased by an impressive £345m to £1.6bn, accounting for 57.6% of the total figure. Fast-forward to the present day, and digital formats continue to dominate, with internet ad spend up by a healthy 13.4% annually to £10.3bn; almost quadruple that of our first year.
2007 also saw Apple launch the first iPhone. Technology fuelled internet usage, whilst social media began to take up more of our browsing time, with Facebook and Twitter both going global. Kindle and Android were also released, Airbnb was founded, Google acquired YouTube and IBM created its artificial intelligence system Watson.
Facebook grew from 20m to 50m users from April to October 2007 (earlier in 2017 they recorded 2 billion monthly active users in one day). Interestingly though, during that period, ComScore figures showed that Bebo was the UK’s most popular social networking site, registering a total of 10.7m unique users, ahead of MySpace’s 10.1m and Facebook’s 7.6m. This lead to our first step into our social media service offering.
Later in the year, Google announced its Android mobile operating system, which was to be free for users. By default it used Google services for search, email and video. To give an indication of the technology and web design capabilities of the time, below are several examples of the UK’s most popular sites in 2007:
My Top 10 Clicky Moments…
1. We become Clicky Media (2008)
With the scene set, in early 2008 Clicky actually became Clicky. It is a little unknown fact that we first launched with the name ‘Grass Circle’. The reasoning behind this remains shrouded in mystery, like the start of any good story.Grasscircle2007
2. We reach 10 team members (2011)
Following several years of sustained and positive growth, our team began expanding, as did our service offering and client portfolio, evolving from organic and paid search services, to website design and development alongside display and social media advertising.
3. We moved to bigger premises (2011)
In the summer of 2011, and with our growing team, we first moved to one of our current buildings, 3 St. John’s Court. The space could accommodate our planned expansion and tripled our office space, allowing us to grow in the future to 25-30.
4. Clicky Win the High Sheriff’s Award (2012)
After seeing the results we had been achieving for clients, a local contact advised us to begin entering awards. This wasn’t a tactic we had previously taken as we had solely been focusing on delivering for our clients. We were fortunate enough to be recognised in first place in the High Sheriff’s Award for Enterprise. We later went on to gain similar recognition in the same awards when Clicky’s CEO, Oliver Yeates was named the Outstanding Cheshire and Warrington Business Leader in the High Sheriff’s Awards 2014/2015. We have since been honoured to win numerous awards for our team, projects and campaigns, but this initial award in particular propelled our recognition within the industry.
541229_10150647159331379_1588808121_n (1)
5. We expand even further and set new records (2014)
Our rapid growth was continuing and meant that we needed even more office space, so we acquired our neighbouring building to ensure we had enough space to house us all. 2014 also saw us reach the £1m turnover milestone we had been targeting.
6. Practicing what we preach & more awards (2014)
In the same year we also launched Clicky 2.0, our new website, that would set the standard for the level of design and development work we would deliver for clients. At this point, we still didn’t have a sales team and all our enquiries came from our own digital marketing strategy and client referrals. The website received numerous plaudits and positioned us well in the market. We were also named ‘Standout Agency of the Year’ at the 2014 DEA Awards against impressive competition, which further showcased our ability to compete with other agencies much larger than ourselves.

7. Darwin Escapes website launch / website of the year (2015)
One of our longstanding clients, Darwin Escapes, first selected Clicky as their digital partner in 2014, when we were commissioned to design and develop a new group website, to be the face of their exciting brand. The website was our biggest ever project at the time, and the hard work of both companies paid off, with the website achieving exceptional results for the client and going on to win ‘Website of the Year’ at the Prolific North Awards. This project really showcased our ability and further proved our expertise in supporting our growing number of clients in the travel and tourism sector.
8. Clicky is 8 Birthday (2015)
This was the first time we ‘officially’ celebrated our birthday, throwing a party for our team which had now surpassed 30. The evening saw us undertake our inaugural annual awards, and our year end company performance review and planning day.
9. Establishing our leadership team / Premier Partner Status (2016)
2016 saw us establish a more formalised Senior Leadership and Management Team, whilst promoting a number of team members to more senior roles within the business, preparing ourselves for continued expansion in the future. We also become an official Premier Google Partner.
10. Our Best Year To Date (2017)
We have just completed what has been a fantastic and record breaking year for Clicky, with our best results to date across revenue, client satisfaction, team capabilities and size. We couldn’t be prouder of our team and where we are currently.
We recently rounded off our annual review through our Year End presentation and awards celebration last week and we are thoroughly looking forward to what the next ten years bring!

Written by Sam Gadsby


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