Top 10 funny search terms

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, the team have been given the task of creating their own Top 10’s. This week, Senior Digital Account Manager, Heather shares her favourite PPC search terms!
We’re always coming across absurd search terms when optimising our PPC client accounts so with Clicky’s 10th birthday fast approaching, we’ve had a look through some of the best search terms we’ve come across while optimising campaigns over the past 10 years and break this mammoth list down into our top 10 favourites.
There were a lot of big contenders in the mix and it’s fair to say we had a great time choosing them, but we’ve managed to compile a list of our top 10 favourite (by this I mean most ridiculous, funny and strange) search queries we have come across over the past 10 years of Clicky.

1. ‘toy poodles for adoption’

Well, people do have toy poodles?

2. ‘superbad degrees’

Are they looking for a degree in being superbad? About the film Superbad? Or just a degree that is, well, superbad?

3. ‘online courses to get a man’

Some of us need a little extra help.

4. ‘i need a hacker to upgrade my university guestbook result’

Doesn’t sound ethical.

5. ‘wooden decking for cats’

The perfect garden for your cat… who knew there was a market for this?

6. ‘kanye waste management’

Another profitable sideline for Mr West?

7. ‘condom sizes chart in inches’

no comment

8. ‘do i get compensation for fostering kittens’

I think there are a few people in the office that wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to this one. Kittens + money = ?

9. ‘fish and chips for music person’

Well, #ChipShopTheMusical is actually a thing…

10. ‘how to stop water on toe when swimming’

This one has to be our favourite by far!
One of the best things about optimising campaigns is filtering out the craziest, most inappropriate and funniest search terms while ensuring our clients’ accounts achieve the best results possible.

Loved Heather’s Top 10? Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment – all to celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday!

Written by Heather Maryniak