Top 10 games to play from your sofa

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th Birthday, we’ve been compiling lists of, just about everything! This week, our Junior Front-End Developer, Luke gives us his top 10 video games!

Here at Clicky, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the second most popular gadget in the office is the PS4 (second only to the coffee machine of course!) Whether it’s a Fifa Friday or just a casual lunchtime game, there is no better way to get to know your colleague than by embarrassing them 10-0 with a 1-star team.

I have been tasked with the tricky but delightfully nerdy challenge of choosing my top 10 games to play from your sofa!

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10. Worms

What could be better than creating a small army of bazooka wielding nematodes, launching a concrete donkey at your mate only to have a holy hand-grenade blow back into your face a turn later? I first played Worms back in 1997 after a trade off with my parents to give up my copy of Mortal Kombat 2. Probably for the best.

9. Overcooked

Ever fancied yourself as a Michelin Star chef? Then Overcooked probably isn’t for you, but if you like the crazy coordinated passing, cutting and cooking of ingredients; all whilst your teammates do the washing up then this could be what you’ve been looking for. The story line is a bit ridiculous, but it only adds to this game’s charm. Be warned however, this game could easily lead to a fall out amongst friends when tomato soup isn’t sent out on time!


8. Jack Box Party Pack

The Jack Box Party Pack is one for all the family. A collection of game show like games that uses your very own smart phone as a controller. The games often require the players to trick one another by submitting fake answers or by drawing messy pictures based on a catchphrase. This is a game I often break out at Christmas, resulting in everyone asking me how they can get their own copy.

7. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Tick tock tick tock… is it the red wire or the blue wire? This life or death game pits one player as the bomb diffuser and the other as the expert. The diffuser must communicate what they see on the bomb whilst the expert looks at a .pdf file to try and decipher how to defuse the bomb! The ultimate high-pressure teamwork game!

6. Castle Crashers

Born out of the popularity of during its flash game hey-day. Castle Crashers is a crude yet hilarious hack & slash co-op game, where you play a multicoloured knight with special powers. Highlights include defeating a barbarian boss to save a princess to riding on the back of a shark whilst fighting a half cat half fish creature (catfish…get it?).

5. Gang Beasts

Whilst not yet fully released, this game has been available on PC in early access for a while now and is hands down one of the most fun games you will ever play with friends. Imagine controlling a jelly baby who looks like Alan from the hangover. Now imagine that jelly baby fighting to the death with another jelly baby in a dinosaur onesie over a pit of fire. That is Gang Beasts. Rumoured to be released on PS4 this year, gang beasts will take the console world by storm.

4. Super Smash Bros

Piikkaaachuuuuuu… That’s the sound of Mario being blasted into the upper atmosphere by everybody’s favourite Pokemon. Whether it’s Brawl or Melee, Super Smash Bros has become a mainstay in the competitive fight game scene. The arcade beat-em up lets players choose from all their favourite Nintendo characters and to use their special abilities to eliminate other players from the game. Arguably one of the best games out for Nintendo consoles.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League is the game that I play the most in my spare time and I often find that words cannot do it justice. It is car football with rocket powered cars and is very easy to pickup but insanely hard to master. Car football quickly turns into flying car football which then turns into the mid-air juggling of the ball on the nose of your car for the length of the pitch into the top corner of the goal. Insanely addictive with short 5 minute games, Rocket League is the ultimate in games that you cannot put down.

Roket Legue

2. Mario Kart

One of the few games that has successfully bridged the gap between gaming and mainstream culture. The dreaded red and blue shells have become folklore and the difficulties of rainbow road are well known. The original (and best) go-kart racer pits characters from the Mario universe in themed levels such as Toad’s Turnpike and Bowser’s Castle. Every Nintendo console that has been released so far has had a Mario Kart; such is its popularity. Even Mcdonald’s released Mario Kart toys inside of happy meals to coincide with the release of Mario Kart 8!


1. Fifa

A game so popular, it even has a day named after it in the Clicky office. This game brought people together when I was at university. Lose 5-0 and you’d have to write a public apology on Facebook, 10-0 and you’d have to pen an apology to the victor’s parents. Fortunately, such embarrassing forfeits are non-existent at Clicky but rest assured; nobody wants to lose. Maybe it’s a spin off from football being the most popular sport in the UK, maybe it’s just a good game; I cannot be sure. What I do know however is that Fifa is king and will remain so whilst football exists as a sport.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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