Top 10 things to do in Chester

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, the team have been given the task of creating their own Top 10’s. This week, Agency Coordinator, Jenny shares her top 10 favourite things to do in Chester!

Living in Chester is great and I always try to experience everything this city has to offer so it was really tough limiting my list to only 10 things! But here it is, in no particular order, my top 10 things to do in Chester.

1. Arbol House

This is my favourite shop to dig around and find things for our house, I don’t know anywhere else like it in Chester.

2. Lunch at The Flower Cup

This quirky cafe serves great food and a coffee surrounded by flowers. (What more could you want?!!)
The Flower Cup

3. Storyhouse

Whether it’s going to the cinema, watching a play or having a nosey at the books, it’s so nice to have something like this in Chester again!

4. Working at Clicky Media 😉


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5. Kuckoo

Kuckoo is one of the many bars in central Chester, with great music and even better cocktails it had to make it into my top 10! (My favourite cocktail is definitely the Kuckoo Kolada!)

top things in chester

6. Breakfast at Hanky Panky’s

Mmmm pancakes!

things to do chester pancakes

7. Running along the walls

This isn’t the smoothest route but you get to see the whole of Chester.

things to do in chester

8. Hearing the buskers while strolling around the shops

There is always such a range of talent from electric violins to bagpipes!

#Chester looking beautiful again today! A bit cold but beautiful in the sunshine. #cheshire

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9. The Artichoke

This is an excellent place for dinner and it’s always great to try new food, they serve everything from pizza to roast dinners and even have over 100 types of gin!

top 10 chester

10. Sitting by the river with an ice cream

To me, this is the best thing to do when the sun is out.

top 10 chester


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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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