Top 5 benefits of the new Google AdWords Experience

The new Google AdWords experience is available in beta alongside the current version. The idea is that this new experience will become the standard and Google will do away with the old one, much to many users horror!

I’ll be honest, the new Google AdWords experience has not been well received in the Clicky office, with most of the team sticking to their guns with the old version. I have to admit, I didn’t like it to begin with, but decided to persevere.

Since then, I’ve been using the new interface exclusively for around three months to see what the new experience has to offer and, who knows, maybe even learn to love it!

With both interfaces running in tandem, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the benefits of the new version – given how many people have admitted to being unsure how they feel about it.

So, in no particular order, here are our top 5 benefits of the new Google AdWords experience.


This is where Google recommends opportunities for you to action in your account. It can be anything from letting you know what redundant keywords are in your account, to recommending a fully automated strategy for a particular campaign. Along with these recommendations it also estimates conversions, clicks, impressions and extra cost attributed to the changes if you were to make them.

Ads and Extensions

So, while there are no changes to ads and ad extensions in the new interface, what has changed is the fact you can now see all of your extensions in one view and filter in and out as you so wish.

Another change is the inline editing, making a change is so quick and easy: click, change, save, done. When you expand this editor window, you’ll get the ad preview window to see what your ads will look like once they’re live and being served.

There’s also a tracking template, ad scheduling and device preference settings! This means that you don’t have to navigate to three different pages to implement each one. Everything you need is in one place to make sure your ads and extensions are up to scratch.

New Google AdWords Experience


This change is my personal favourite. Similar to the old AdWords, when looking at your experiments, it tells you whether or not your clicks, conversions, or whatever you’re interested in measuring is increasing/decreasing, but what it also gives you is the confidence intervals and p-values, so you can see the actual kind of performance you’ll achieve if you implement the changes!

Another change to experiments is that AdWords now sees the experiment you have set up as a separate campaign, so you can get a quick, top-level look at how the experiment is performing compared to the original campaign within the campaign tab.

Account Overview Reports

The overview tab gives a substantial amount of insight into your account. The integrated reports provide you with everything, from showing the best performing ads, to telling you the percentage of impressions that have moved to mobile from desktop in the last week – top level or specific. This tab is in the same vein as the “Home” tab in the old AdWords, only with much more engaging data visualisation.

Improved navigation

There are far fewer buttons on the new interface, providing a cleaner look while also improving how you navigate your accounts. Whether you’re looking for the keywords view, locations you’re targeting or even demographics, you’re all one click away from them in your campaign view.

Another addition to the navigation is keyboard shortcuts. They don’t seem to be a massive change but since they were implemented I can’t stop using them. They make navigating the account you’re in so much quicker. If you want to jump to look at ads, hit G then A, need to jump back to see your campaigns? G then C. Need to look at your ad extensions? G then X.

You get the picture. They’re a nice little add-on that backs up the claim that Google is looking for ways to help work more efficiently.


So, bearing all of this in mind, I can’t say I love the new Google AdWords experience but I’ll definitely be sticking with it.

It’s a drastic change from the old AdWords interface and it does seem to be geared towards the casual user, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced AdWords user!

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Written by Joshua Bailey