Top 5 Innovative Websites

1. Sony – Be Moved
This website by Sony shows you how the components that are used to make Sony’s new products come together, which in turn may give you a better experience when using them.
The things I really like about this website are:

  • How everything flows – as you are scrolling down the page, you are watching the components fit together to form the final product.
  • The use of vibrant colours in the design, which also interchange as you scroll down the page to another product.
  • How this website enables the viewer to also see what other new products have been developed by Sony.

2. Bose
This website shows Bose’s 5 new headphones. It’s really interactive, allowing you to look through different products in an exciting and user friendly manner.
This website jumped out at me because:

  • It allows you to read a bit more about each of the products, before delving into individual products further by discovering their cool features and where you can buy them.
  • I like the use of the 5 bold colours for each of the products.
  • When you load up the page there isn’t much text – your eyes are instantly drawn to the product. I like how visual the website is.

3. Shibui
When you scroll down this parallax website the fruits slowly come together.
I chose to put the Shibui website on my top 5 list because:

  • Whilst you are scrolling, it also gives you the information and benefits of each fruit in a visually appealing way.
  • This website is not overloaded with text, which keeps it very clean. And although the list of benefits are brief they are engaging.
  • The website is very eye catching, as the bold bright colours of the fruit stands out on the black and white background.

4. Apple
The Apple website is well used with a vast customer base. Although it may appear minimal – the functionality and usability is great!
The Apple website made my list as:

  • The minimal (grey, black and white) colour scheme allows more colourful products to stand out, and less colourful products to still look sleek and stylish – which is in keeping with the brand.
  • The minimal amount of information on the page, and large amount of imagery engages the audience and although it looks basic, it works well.
  • I think the layout is very good, and allows the information to flow well – everything is concise, and the amount of information provided increases as you click ‘learn more’.

5. Dangers of fracking
This is another Parallax website, and it shows what’s involved in the fracking process.
Fracking 1
I thought this website was clever and had some great content because:

  • This website is very animated, and the amount of text is very minimal. I feel like there doesn’t need to be much text as this can be off putting for users.
  • Once you have got to the bottom of the page, all of the additional resources and information is laid out clearly and is really user friendly.
  • This website is very realistic so as the water drop falls, you can see how the land around it changes as you scroll down – I like the way it tells a story.

Written by Shannon May