Top mobile browsers in the UK

Mobile usage is soaring and according to the recent Government survey smartphones are now the UK’s most popular internet connected device.
Google also announced that 30% of online purchases are now taking place on mobile devices. So what browser are UK internet users most commonly using to access the internet?
The graph below shows the current mobile & tablet browser usage data in the UK (over the past 12 months).
As you can see Apple’s Safari browser is way ahead with over 50% of the market – a huge difference to desktop where they have just 9%. Google’s Chrome is next with about 28% of the market and the Android Browser (technically Chrome too) with 7.5%.
It’s interesting to note that Safari is so far ahead despite there being more Android devices in use in the UK than iOS devices but it might show how iPhone users are more likely to stay loyal to the default browser. Having said this Safari has seen 5% decline in market share in the past 12 months.
The huge $1 billion deal Apple quietly did with Google recently to keep Google as the default search engine was an interesting one as they know that if users started getting Bing (or worse) search results they might abandon the browser and install Chrome.
Anyway all interesting stuff for the future…

Written by Oli Yeates


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