Top Ten Adverts on YouTube for June 2013

It’s no surprise some of the world’s biggest brands, movies and musicians are within the this Top 10 list.
Samsung lead the way with the top 2 positions having collaborated with both Usher and Jay-Z.
The Despicable Me 2’s minions also make an appearance within the list with two highly sought after adverts, which falls in line with the recent launch of their new summer movie ‘Despicable Me 2’.
1. Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself” Presented by Samsung

2.”One to Many” – JAY Z + Samsung + Magna Carta Holy Grail

3.Cheetos Mix-Ups and Despicable Me 2

4.Evil Minion Animation Test

5.Pepsi Max & Dynamo present: “Bus Levitation” #LiveForNow

6.Official PlayStation Greatness Awaits Trailer

7.Dell Tablet vs. iPad

8.Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove

9.Nike Basketball & LeBron James | Leave a Message

10.Let’s Talk About #2

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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager