Top Twitter Statistics – Accounts with the Most Followers in the UK 2013

However you use Twitter, there are some accounts that develop more of following than others; whilst some accounts have a few hundred followers, others sky-rocket up into the millions.
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There are many ways in which people use twitter every day, 72% of tweeters post personal updates whilst 55% share links to news stories and 40% use the network to share photos.
Below we’ve got the top 10 twitter accounts with the most followers in the UK:
1. Niall Horan – 12,165,887 Followers @NiallOfficial
2. Emma Watson – 8,229,694 Followers @EmWatson
3. Jessie J – 6,529,907 Followers @JessieJ
4. BBC Breaking News – 6,272,883 Followers @BBCBreaking
5. Stephen Fry – 5,907,690 Followers @stephenfry
6. Ricky Gervais – 4,765,755 Followers@rickygervais
7. Olly Murs – 4,519,125 Followers @ollyofficial
8. Lilly Rose Cooper – 4,164,066 Followers @LilyRoseCooper
9. BBC News (World) – 3,861,875 Followers @BBCWorld
10. Holly Willoughby – 3,674,670 @Hollywills
Finally to finish off, a few fun twitter accounts with witty tweets that have sparked a following of their own:
@MadeUpStats – 62,027 Followers
@MarsCuriosity – 1,363,673 Followers
@Skittles – 97,073 Followers
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager