Travel Industry Stats 2016

The online travel industry makes up 16.8% of the entire travel market. This large portion has so much potential and here, at Clicky, we can drive your campaign to earn the results you need.
Here’s a few digital marketing travel industry stats we found particularly interesting and what they could mean for the travel industry…

The UK spends over £31 bn per year on international travel

That’s right, a whopping £31 billion is spent on international travel and tourism each year in the UK. According to Visa, that figure is set to soar to £63.4 billion in 2025. That gives the travel industry plenty of time to come up with a foolproof digital marketing campaign!
At the moment, UK households spend an average of £6,500 on global travel per year, however in 9 years time this is expected to be £9,300 per UK household. This data indicates online travel and tourism companies should be looking to personalise the user journey to make up for the lack of face-to-face interaction with a travel agent in-store.

62% of ‘last minute holidays’ searched for on mobile

Everyone knows ensuring your website is mobile-ready is vital in attracting more potential customers. At the TGTG Conference 2016 we reported that 62% of people searched for ‘last minute holidays’ using their mobile devices in our talk How to increase website traffic and footfall in a mobile world. The ‘last minute’ segment of the industry is a goldmine in terms of customer demographics – it’s attractive to people from all walks of life, including a variety of incomes and ages. For example, a person working on the living wage may be looking for last minute deals because they tend to be cheaper, whereas those with a higher income may be looking to book a spontaneous trip away.
Optimise for mobile search.

 92% use review sites in holiday research

Review sites such as TripAdvisor have never been more vital for users when they’re researching their next trip away. Rather than relying on promotional material such as travel brochures to make their final decision, 92% of people will look to review sites as they can rely on real reviews given by real people. This research can help the travel industry understand consumer motivations, needs and the challenges they face. It’s more important than ever for travel agents to be well-connected to third-party reviewing platforms, so they can keep in touch with consumer requirements and even their journey!

58% of flights are booked directly

When users are looking to purchase a flight, 58% do it directly with the airline provider, 20% book their flights with a travel agent and 18% use price comparison sites. This shows that users still consider airlines to be a more trustworthy and cheaper option than travel agents. However, there’s plenty of scope for travel agents to convince travellers they’re a reliable, money-saving way to book flights.

69% look for holiday inspirations during ‘micro moments’

Micro moments are defined as those times when consumers are waiting, relaxing, commuting and so on. Of those people, 69% use smartphones to inspire leisure travel during micro moments. It’s the quick visits to travel website and quick search engine searches that fuel a consumer’s inspiration for their next holiday. Increased brand exposure of your company during your target market’s micro moments, means there’s highly likely chance that people will keep your company in mind, leading to increased brand awareness.
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Written by Shannon May