Twitter | Autoplay Videos

Twitter are changing they way video content, GIFs and vines are watched on their platform by introducing autoplay for videos on iOS and web. Within this coming week, autoplay will be rolled out globally, closely followed by Android.
According to Twitter: ‘Autoplay video brings a better experience for users and brands… video’s on Twitter are now more exciting for consumers and more effective for brands’.
A view will only be registered if a video has been 100% in-view on the user’s device for at least 3 seconds.
What are the benefits of autoplay video?

  • Increased reach
  • Efficient CPVS
  • More sharing
  • Exclusive targeting
  • 100% viewable
  • Robust video analytics

These benefits apply to all promoted video content on Twitter, if 3rd parties are posting external video links on their Twitter feeds then user engagement tends to be a lot lower, because:

  • Video is not expanded
  • Harder to draw users’ attention
  • Cost per engagement pricing
  • Drives traffic off platform

A promoted video on Twitter consists of Tweet copy – simply put, the 140 character text above the video. The video card beneath the text will now play automatically, and usually includes a Call to Action to drive users to a destination URL so they can discover more of your content, which in turn increases engagement levels.
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Written by Shannon May