Introducing Twitter Promote

Twitter has released a new ad offering which is aimed at helping SME’s to advertise on Twitter, called Twitter Promote, which is currently in BETA.
Twitter promote is going to be a new way to create promoted tweets campaigns for SMEs. Once the mode is enabled the first 10 tweets that are posted every day have the chance of being amplified by a promoted tweets campaign.
Promote Mode is all automated instead of managing your ad campaigns yourself. The mode is always on and works to slowly increase your influence on Twitter every month.

Twitter says:

“Not every Tweet that is added to your Promoted Tweet campaign will serve an impression, and the extent each Tweet is promoted may vary based on that Tweet’s performance. Promote will also run a Promoted Account campaign which will attract new followers.”

The new ad offering will be offered on a subscription basis, which is very different to the current set up. As Twitter Promote is aimed at helping SME’s, it will be best suited for accounts that have up to 2,000 followers.
Promote mode can be used in conjunction with Twitter ads. However targeting options are limited in the Promote mode, allowing you to target 5 interests or locations only. Therefore if you are wanting to target at a very granular level then Promote mode may not be the best fit for you.

Twitter says:

“on average accounts will reach 30,000 additional people and add 30 followers each month, performance may vary based on factors including your account type, your targeting selection, the type and frequency of your Tweets.”

Therefore the results of using Twitter Promote aren’t clear and there is no guaranteed success, however, it’s certainly a more affordable way for SME’s to advertise on Twitter. If you choose to use Twitter Promote it’s important that you’re posting creative, relevant, engaging posts to maximise your potential return.
It’s likely that Twitter Promote will develop further in the future and be offered on a tiered subscription for those with more followers or larger companies, which could work well as an integrated campaign running alongside Twitter ads.
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Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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