Twitter Turns 8

Back in 2006, people were only just finding their bearings with the social media sensation, bundling their thoughts into small bursts of 140 characters or less. As Twitter say themselves, did your first Tweets spark a conversation, use imagery to tell a story, or reveal unfiltered self-expression? Click on the image below to find your first tweet!


Looking back 5 years, Clicky’s first tweet was the outrage at Google’s name for their new (now retired!) location aware feature of Google Maps. Look below to find some other first Tweets from some big players in the digital world.
Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, tweeted that he had fed the cats – at 1 in the morning!
Darren Rowse is a full time Blogger, with a remarkable Twitter following of 204,000 followers.  Back in 2007, he was surprised to realise that he had gained 60 followers after never doing anything with Twitter. How times have changed.
Andy Beal is the world’s leading online reputation management expert and he tweeted back in 2007, wondering how long he would give Twitter before getting rid. Fast forward 7 years and he’s still there, along with 29,700 followers and 45,000 Tweets.
Now we all know what Mail Chimp was up to back in 2008…..
So there we have it. Happy Birthday, Twitter and thank you for letting us have a small glimpse into how and what people were tweeting during Twitter’s early years. It seems a lot of people weren’t willing to give it a go – I bet now they’re unable to give it up.
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Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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