UK Facebook Statistics November 2013

There’s been a rather dramatic change in this months Facebook Statistics. For the first time since Facebook removed a large number of ‘fake’ accounts, the number of Facebook users in the UK has not risen! The 36,000,000 figure has not risen since September 2013. The same can be said across a number of other countries including the United States, France and Germany. What this change will mean for the future of Facebook (or if indeed it’s simply been a few slow months!) has yet to be seen.
In the mean time, here are the up to date Facebook Statistics as of November 2013:
The Total Number of Facebook Fans in the UK
The Total Number of Facebook Fans in a Few Select Countries Around the World
graph + table FB by country.fw
The Male/Female Split
Nov men vs women
Christmas Interests Across Facebook
graph+ table christmas interests graph.fw
Christmas Movie Popularity Across Facebook
Graph and Tablechristmas movies by FB.fw
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager