UK Facebook Statistics October 2015

Percentage of Facebook Users Across Europe
no. of facebook users across europe
Number of Facebook Users Across the United Kingdom by Age Range
no. of facebook users by age range
Number of Facebook Users Across the United Kingdom by Gender
no. of facebook users by gender
With holidays coming up we’ve also taken a look at the level of interest in Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. The chart below shows the number of users who have expressed an interest in or liked pages related to these events.
interest in events
As you can see the interest in Christmas is extremely high even though we’re still 64 days away (not that we’re counting)!
BONUS STAT: Browser Usage
You’ve probably used many different web browsers and decided which is your favourite. However, have you ever wondered which are the most popular web browsers among internet users? Here are the top five desktop, tablet and console browsers as of September 2015.
spread of browser usage
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Written by Shannon May