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Mobile Marketing and Advertising Statistics UK 2013
Some of the latest mobile facts and statistics are staggering and further emphasise the need for a strategic and well-considered mobile marketing plan. 2013 is definitely the year of mobile and should be a priority in any digital marketers plans for the financial year ahead. The following data certainly justifies the reasoning behind reacting quickly and taking advantage of the current evolution our browsing habits are undertaking. Indeed, some of our own clients have mobile equating to over 45% of all visits and the majority have seen rises in mobile traffic exceeding 100% year on year.
First of all, we should consider competitors and peers online. The following figures serve to highlight the opportunity in the mobile space with many businesses ignoring the advantages of this medium. Many of our clients were early adopters and have benefited through cost effective developments or campaigns, whilst their competitors disregarded the increasing trends. Interestingly and particularly through the development of mobile optimised sites and also mobile advertising strategies, many campaigns outperform their desktop counterpoints in engagement, goal and conversion data.
Some interesting related statistics include:
– Econsultancy found that only 25% of brands have a mobile strategy in place
– Adobe research suggests 45% of companies still depend solely on desktop sites to showcase content
– Google has seen a 400% increase in mobile search queries since 2010
– 40% of users have turned to a competitors site after a bad mobile experience
UK Business Mobile statistics and data
The results from just one client, since they developed an optimised mobile site and incorporated mobile advertising and promotion in their overall strategy:
– 41% of all traffic via mobile
– 43% improved conversion rate from all mobile visitors
– 47% lower cost per conversion via mobile
Why go mobile?
There are hundreds of fascinating statistics, but here are a few that are particularly interesting in relation to the impact on sales and lead generation:
– 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work, 17% on the go
– 3 out of four mobile searches trigger a follow up action
– 61% of users call a business after searching, with 59% visiting a related location
– 55% of conversions from mobile search happen within an hour (store visit, phone call, purchase) and 90% acting within 24 hours
– 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase
Number of daily online sessions on a smartphone (UK 2012)
Number of daily online sessions on smartphone (UK 2012)
Users purchasing via a Smartphone (UK 2012)
Users purchasing via a Smartphone UK 2012
General Smartphone Activities UK 2013 (%)
UK Mobile Usgae and Activities 2013
Mobile Operating System Used (UK 2009 – 2013 – %)
UK 2013 Mobile Operating Systems
UK Mobile Search Engine Usage (last 12 months UK – %)
Mobile Search Engine Statistics and Data 2013
Mobile data differs by specific industries and audiences, but throughout, the overriding trend is a continued growth in mobile usage and visitors. We advise reviewing your Analytics data, comparing statistics year on year to analyse the impact on your business.
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