UK Search Statistics October 2014

As expected, Google is the dominating UK search engine with 90.03%. This is an increase of 0.81% when compared to October 2013, showing that Google is continually strengthening its position.
search engine statistics 2014
When looking at the browsers used for this same period, we can see that Chrome is currently leading the way by a large percentage:
uk browser search usage 2014
Interestingly, when comparing the data for this same period in 2013, we can see a dramatic difference:
uk browser usage 2013
As you can see, Chrome has significantly increased its market share, whereas IE has decreased by almost half! We can also see large improvements from iPhone and Safari, which may be a reflection of the new iPhone 6 release in September 2014.
It will be interesting to see how each browser performs leading up to Christmas especially with Android releasing a new device in the coming weeks.
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search