Using Facebook Advertising for your business

In the first quarter of 2015 Facebook had 1.44 billion active users, making it by far the largest social network in the world today and the perfect way for your business to connect with its customers.
There is a range of advertising options to utilise within Facebook, including social ads, Home Page ads and Sponsored posts. Choosing which of these ads you should use, or which combination of all three, depends on what you’re hoping to achieve from your campaign.
Homepage Ads
For example homepage ads are great for driving traffic to your website, whereas sponsored posts work better for increasing your Facebook following and growing your brand’s reputation.
Targeting with Facebook ads can be as niche or as broad as you like, there’s a huge range of criteria you can use to narrow down your audience including fairly standard options like age, gender, location.
The targeting options more unique to Facebook include job roles, education and relationship status, as well as activities, interests and their purchasing behaviour.
Another great way of generating more awareness of your business and build your Facebook following is to run a competition.
There’s a variety of competition styles you can run, including prize draws, quizzes and photo competitions where users upload their own images.
Competitions also tap into the viral aspect of Facebook, allowing friends to compete/share competitions and prizes with each other, increasing brand exposure and driving more traffic.
Here at Clicky our social media experts have a huge amount of experience in developing and managing Facebook profiles and ad campaigns.
If you’ve got any questions about how Facebook could work for your business or you’re interested in running a campaign, get in touch.
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Written by Oli Yeates


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