YouTube Video Stats from Google's Visit | October 2016

Last week we had the lovely Shane from Google at Clicky HQ doing some training with the team, and letting us in on some top secret, and exciting Beta’s.
As always when Google visit us, they are armed with the latest industry and platform stats, with some making for very interesting reading that we wanted to share with you all.
The two topics we focused on during our training session was YouTube and the Google Display Network, but we wanted to share some of the YouTube insights that Shane shared with us, as video continues to be a priority for Google in 2016, and leading on to 2017.


YouTube watch time is up 50% YoY, with mobile watch time up 100% YoY. We know we bang on about mobile quite a lot, like most of the industry, but when we hear stats as big as that, we think it’s justified. Time on mobile continues to increase as screens get bigger, and access to internet improves, meaning less time is spent on desktop. Desktop is now predominately used during work hours, with people opting to reach for their mobile rather than load up their laptop.
Another interesting insight was how the UK video market is performing, and although these are desktop only stats, they do give a great overview:

  • 16 million people in the UK watch online video every day
  • +10% growth YoY in the number of videos watched per month, per user
  • 274 videos watched per viewer per month
  • 22 hours of online videos is watched per viewer per month

Where are people watching videos the most? We can tell you that to! With a massive 90% of people watching videos at home, and 18% watching them in work (we think this is probably much higher though!).
More surprisingly was YouTube’s audience composition, 20% of it being over 55’s, and then the majority of it (only a small majority though at 21%) being 25-34 year olds. The male/female split is very close, with a 51% male and 49% female audience, not unexpected as YouTube content is so diverse, you can find anything you’re interested in on there.
According to surveys conducted by Google, 42% of online shoppers use video for pre-purchase research, and 64% use YouTube to find products. This highlights the level of research consumers are now conducting before making a purchasing decision – depending on the product, it’s not a quick decision, and before spending hard earned cash people like to see a rounded view of exactly what they’re getting, and more than likely compare to competitor products.
Unboxing videos are extremely popular, and now the most watched type of video on the platform! You can watch people unbox a new games console, to a new pair of trainers, or even a bike.
Google are continuing to make advertising on YouTube easier for brands and advertisers, with various video formats now available, and the ability to produce a short video becoming more user friendly.
If you haven’t considered YouTube as part of your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with our team today on 0800 222 9300 to see how we can help.


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Written by Shannon May