Virtual Reality for Universities

Virtual reality can be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, especially for a university.
In student recruitment, keeping up with the latest trends in technology is key in capturing a young generation of future students.
There are many ways to grab attention when trying to entice potential applicants. Creating virtual reality content is a powerful way to allow users to imagine themselves attending your university, increasing their likelihood to book a place on an open day and apply.
With technology evolving so fast, universities are now able to do even more with VR than before. Immerse your potential students on residential trips, let them take part in research experiments and even delve into individual subjects.
Here are just a few of the ways you could see benefits using virtual reality…

Virtual Tours

Using 360° video capture, virtual reality technology allows a potential student to explore a university as if they were actually there. This experience can be enjoyed from a computer, mobile phone or even a viewer like Google Cardboard. Show off your classrooms, lab facilities, accommodation and student union in rich detail that really engages the users.
google cardboard virtual reality

International Students

Extend the reach of your open days internationally through a virtual platform. VR can be extremely beneficial, especially to universities who are looking to recruit international students.
Moving overseas is a big decision, but many potential applicants may not have the opportunity to travel overseas to visit your university. Offering tours through virtual reality will allow them to get a feel for the university and imagine themselves living there, making it stand out from the competition.

Showcase your campus and your city

Virtual reality tours are not restricted to the campus. Including the city can be a great way to show what your university has to offer outside of the classroom. Tours like this give prospective students the chance to explore the city and get a feel for what it would be like to live there.
These benefits can extend beyond just student recruitment and can act as a guide for current students studying at the university who may not have had the chance to explore some parts of the city yet. Focusing on key events and activities in certain locations around campus can encourage people to give these new activities a go in real life.

Universities who are getting virtual reality right

VR has already proven to be a very effective part of a higher education digital marketing strategy. A number of universities have already used this technology in their campaigns, so we’ve picked some of our favourites to use as inspiration.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Virtual tours university
Manchester Metropolitan University has taken a unique approach to their use of VR, creating a first person walkthrough of the campus. This fast moving tour works through the person scrolling through and meeting different people, each of whom links to a video where they show you the different courses they study. This tour ends with a landing page which allows you to sign up for an open day.
Manchester University’s virtual tour perfectly captures the essence of university life in this way. The tour allows a user to really envisage themselves as part of the community, while being led straight into a signup page increases the chances of potential students giving their details.

Northumbria University

Virtual tours university
Northumbria University has invested heavily over the last few years to create an online platform which not only showcases the buildings and facilities they have to offer, but also a range of more detailed campus tours. Combining videos and 360° imagery, they allow you to explore the campus for yourself. By combining a 360° virtual tour with in-depth video content, the viewer can really get a personal feel for the experience.

The University of Sheffield

This university has created a fun and interactive way for prospective students to explore the campus by utilizing the Google cardboard VR headsets. The platform offers a range of tours, including both guided and self guided tours, using  a combination VR and video to create a seamless experience. Students can even win printer credit through the interactive experience.
google cardboard virtual reality

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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