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In July we will be celebrating 10 years since I started Clicky Media. In that 10 years we have grown from just me working in a back bedroom for about 3 clients to 3 offices, 40 full-time staff and over 200 active clients. The journey has been amazing and we have learnt so much about what our clients expect & want from us.
During an idle conversation in the web team back in 2012 we decided we needed to build a system that could hold our entire client interaction process and centralise what we do as an agency. It would need to be able to do everything! Quotes/Proposals, Invoices, Contracts, Campaign Management, Scheduling, Concept Approval, Reporting, Support, File Storage, the list goes on.
Being web developers we looked around at what was available “on the shelf” and decided nothing would be able to match our every need and requirement and we could make something so much better ourselves. We also had a name already… it was going to be called “Space”…
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For the next 2 years virtually nothing happened. The business was growing on a daily basis and our need for the system was growing. We kept checking the schedule and the space to build something of this scale just failed to ever establish itself and new projects for our clients kept on coming pushing the system further and further back. We kept talking though, and the system was getting bigger and our enthusiasm was gaining momentum but not one single line of code had been written.

“The challenge for every web agency is finding time in the schedule to ensure you utilise your immense technical ability to make things which will benefit the business (and our clients) in the long run.”

Fast-forward to 2015 and we were finally took the plunge and started building it – the team had grown to such a size that we could finally find time to work on it and the business’ requirement for it had reached a critical point – we needed it badly if we were to stay competitive & efficient at the scale we were growing. We started to mock-up the UI for the system along with a list of core functionality.

'We decided that if Space is to add true value to our service, clients would need to be able to login and access everything from one place'

Oli Yeates, CEO of Clicky

We decided that if Space is to add true value to our service, clients would need to be able to login and access everything from one place. It couldn’t just be invoices either, it needed to be a useful place to interact with our team and get access to a range of resources.
Internally we needed the system to do everything… Our team would need to be able to access their entire “Clicky world”! Their clients, their to-do lists, their support requests, their contracts, their resources, we even wanted staff to be able to apply for expenses and request holidays – if we were going to do this it had to do absolutely everything!
The system is nearly ready to launch and we will be sending more information to our clients in the next few weeks via email explain how the system will work and how to get access – it should really add value to our clients and we cant wait to see it develop over the next few years…

Written by Oli Yeates


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