Clicky is a B Corp ❤️🌍

Thursday, September 7, 2023

We are super proud to announce that Clicky Media Ltd is now an official approved B Corp. I knew it already but we’ve proven that we care about people and the planet as much as we do profit ❤️ 🌍


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CEO & Founder

Our B Corp journey began back in January 2022 with our initial application and our Agency Coordinator Jen Chapman has been busy going through the process to prove our credentials. We officially got the news yesterday and we're super excited to tell the world.

Ever since I started the business back in 2007 my commercial ambition was always tempered by my conscience that we made a positive impact on the planet and the people we interact with. I thought we couldn't achieve great things without having a negative impact. When I first started looking into the B Corp movement I knew it was perfect for us and I wanted us to rise to the challenge of proving ourselves independently. And we've done it!

We are busy now making a new section of the site to show you all what it all means in much more detail.

Huge thanks again to Jenny and everyone involved in the whole process x

Here's a nice little explainer, if you want to know more…