Why your website should be your online shop front

You wouldn’t keep running the same TV ad year after year, but can the same be said about your dated website?
Redesigning and developing your website every couple of years is no longer an effective way to manage a site. The best websites evolve continually to match your digital strategy and align with your online & offline marketing campaigns.
At Clicky, we believe that the best websites adapt to meet the changing needs of their audience. Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date will allow you to better communicate with your customers, enhancing your digital strategy.
Things are moving faster than ever in the world of web design & development. Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in browser technology and device usage trends is essential in today’s market, so simply updating your website every few years won’t cut it. Making regular updates to your website to keep it relevant and on-message can not only keep you ahead of the competition, but also ensure you are representing your brand in the best way possible to potential visitors. 

Industry Changes

Adapting your website as your industry evolves can help you to really stand out from the competition. Whether this means adding a new landing page to respond to a current event or campaign, or adapting your copy in light of this, being reactive to these changes is essential.

Marketing Campaigns

When running a new PPC campaign, it is important to consider which landing pages you are going to send your potential customers to. Developing a custom-made page which fits specifically with the goals of your campaign can ensure a smoother customer journey, and therefore, increased conversions.
It’s not just paid search that you need to consider. Any kind of marketing efforts should be supported by an on-site presence, whether it’s a TV or print advertisement. Maintaining a consistent brand and message across all platforms helps potential customers to recognise and trust you, so when your advertising changes, your website needs to reflect that. Most successful online businesses have a web support team to ensure the site stays looking great and working perfectly. If you don’t have one internally, that’s where our ProSupport™ team can help.
Our ProSupport™ team can be on hand to help with any marketing campaign support. If your business is running digital campaigns, their flexible monthly schedule allows them to fit time in for each client whenever their help is needed. Whether you need them to assist with setting up landing pages, optimising pages for quality score, adding new content or a huge range of website tasks, they’re there to help you meet your goals.

Want to get in touch with our ProSupport™ team? Speak to one of our specialists today for more information about how we could help your business. 

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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