What to expect from GA4 in the future

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The future of Google Analytics (GA) 4 is looking bright, with frequent updates and new features being announced regularly on the 'Analytics Help' website. As we approach the sunset of UA in July 2023, we can expect even more exciting changes and additions to GA4 that will help businesses make even more informed decisions. As part of our “100 days to GA4” series, we take a look at some of the bigger pieces still missing from GA4, but that we expect to launch in the coming months.


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Digital Analytics Specialist

One highly anticipated feature we hope to see soon is annotations. Annotations in UA allowed users to easily add non-platform updates, such as campaign launches or website downtime, to add context to website changes and improve the analysis of reports. Adding this feature to GA4 would allow for easier identification of anomalous results and seasonality, ensuring that everyone with access to a GA4 property is on the same page.

Another expected addition is improved content grouping configuration. Currently, setting up content groupings in GA4 is not as user-friendly as it was in UA, but with custom channel groupings now available through the GA4 user interface, we can expect similar features to make content grouping configuration much easier for users.

Finally, Google recently announced the sunsetting of Google Optimize in September 2023 and is working with popular A/B testing providers to allow for the integration of these tools' reports into GA4. While only three testing providers have been named so far, we can expect this list to grow and for Google to provide more guidance on how to link these reports with the GA4 user interface.

In conclusion, the capabilities of GA4 are still emerging, with exciting updates and new features being announced regularly. As businesses adapt to the changes, they can expect to gain even more valuable insights and make better-informed decisions. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to come!

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