What you need to know about the Apple Watch

For the small price of just £299, the Apple watch could be yours. There’s been much hype and debate surrounding the Apple Watch, but why? What’s so special about it, and does this new piece of wearable tech change anything for marketers?
What exactly is the Apple Watch, and why is it different to other smart watches on the market?
The Apple Watch is quite simply a watch (bear with me), that connects to your iPhone. It then allows you to do most things your phone would do, i.e take calls, buy things (yes you can on the amazon.com app!) and text. The Apple Watch also has it’s own built in apps that have been specifically designed for it. The Health app is probably the most talked about, as the watch has built in sensors that can measure heart rate and running distance – a good piece of kit for any health enthusiast.
Apple were not the first, and we’re sure they won’t be the last to release a smart watch. Android launched their very own ‘Android Wear’ range that features LG, Samsung and Motorola watches last year. We can’t quite fathom why the hype wasn’t quite there when these watches were released…
Apple Watch (1)
Latest announcements…
At the WWDC a few weeks back, Apple showed off Watch0S 2, which will improve user experience on the Apple Watch. Apple will also be improving support for native apps that will run directly on the watch, rather than be linked to the watch via the paired iPhone.
Other improvements to the watch include new faces, such as the photo and time-lapse faces and a time travel function which allows users to easily see data such as upcoming appointments and weather forecasts. When the watch is charging overnight, the new nightstand mode will display time and alarm functionalities whilst the watch is laying on its side.
WatchOS 2 developer tools and beta software are available now to allow developers to begin creating and improving apps supporting the new features, and watchOS 2 will be available to the public in the Autumn.
Apple Watch-2
Marketing via the Apple Watch
Marketing Land said: ‘Savvy marketers can take advantage of this future trend by creating content tailored specifically for small screens’. Just as content was adapted for mobile, the same needs to be done for watches – simple and snappy communications like status updates and pictures are easier to engage with rather than videos and links.
Retailers wanting to alert passers by of offers in store will be pleased to know that Apple Watch app developers have the ability to create invisible geofences that sense when an Apple Watch user is in close proximity. Mobile phones already have this functionality, however on the watch the alert uses haptic feedback to virtually ‘tap’ users on the wrist. Marketers will need to edit their content carefully, and be careful with the frequency of the alerts they send – a constantly buzzing wrist will begin to irritate users very fast.
Paying using your Apple Watch will most likely become a popular method of payment in the near future as well. Changing the payment game once again, and not for the last time we’re sure.
What are your opinions on the Apple Watch? Do you think it’s fantastic or unnecessary?

Written by Shannon May