Why Chat GPT Is Friend Not Foe

Monday, January 30, 2023

There’s been A LOT of hype around Chat GPT and AI in general, especially in recent months. I’ve seen countless articles and posts on LinkedIn around people questioning if this is the end of PPC as we know it, and whether Chat GPT will cause them to lose their jobs.

Google releases updates to their ads platform so frequently now that PPC as we know it changes very frequently at this point, almost daily. They’re not slowing down with the Performance Max roll out, continuing to introduce new features to this campaign type. They’re also furthering the whole ‘end of match type segmentation’ rumour with their focus on broad match and audience targeting vs. KW targeting. PPC changes every day, but there are still roles for PPC specialists, just check the LinkedIn job board! 

Chat GPT can make our lives easier, and doesn’t need to be seen as the enemy. I believe PPC still needs human involvement.

Yes, arguably us humans are slower and can make errors, but we can also take the time to truly understand our clients’ businesses, their goals, 5 year plans, any nuances that technology simply couldn’t grasp. It’s by embedding ourselves in our client’s businesses and truly understanding what product or service we’re advertising do we get the best results. 

Chat GPT can’t do this. It can’t go on monthly site visits, or have weekly catch up calls to discuss new initiatives and past results. By having open discussion with our clients, we come up with new ideas, which take results to the next level.

Why use Chat GPT?

However, what Chat GPT can do is provide bundles of inspiration. It’s simple to use, just provide it with a few text commands and in a matter of seconds it’ll produce some copy. If you refine your commands further, you can tailor the output to better align with what you’re looking for it to produce. 

It can provide headlines and descriptions for Google Search Ads, or taglines to use on Display ads. You can ask it to describe your client’s business in a certain way, produce a list of competitors, write landing page copy (and it what TOV, and it can even create Google scripts or excel formulas – it’s a clever piece of software. 


  • In short, use Chat GPT or other AI software to your advantage, take inspiration from it, use it to make your life easier, but whatever you do don’t fear it. 

  • Explore various AI tools, see what works best for you and how you can best make use of these technological advancements.

  • We as PPC Managers and Specialists know our clients best, always have, always will.